My original intent of this blog is chronicle my progress as I enter the world of home brewing. While brewing is new to me, and clearly I have a lot to learn, I am a quick study, and I hope to do something wonderful. While my ultimate goal is develop the perfect pint; at least one that will pander to my hybrid English-US taste, I intend on enjoying the journey. As an accomplished scientist, I am taught to question everything. I am an avid researcher, and I like to re-invent the wheel at every opportunity. While my wheel is often better than everyone else’s, it usually cost three times the price, takes twice as long to build, and its carbon footprint is often more comparable the “Pea Soup” smog of 1800’s London. That said, it is my sincere hope that my ideas, my conclusions and my discoveries may prove useful to some hopeless brew romantic out there. If nothing else, I might score a few points with my IPA, Pale, Black, Blond, Brown, Red, Wheat, Belgian, Stout, Porter, Kolsh loving neighbors, and perhaps my “I don’t like hoppy” to “Dude, this ones got over 100 IBU’s” family members.

While brewing is new to me, and clearly it has consumed me, it does not define me. First and foremost, I am an avid runner–hence the name of my blog. While my body heals itself after too many miles of pounding pavement, I will focus on brewing with the same drive and passion–I just hope my waistline can hold up better than my knees.

As for my profession, I am a sterility expert–that is I sterilize medical devices for a living while developing and publishing the science behind rendering biological organisms D.E.A.D. I have not decided whether this will prove useful, since the goal of brewing is to do the complete opposite! Will I be the car mechanic who drives the pristine BMW?, or the one who drives the duct-taped flaming 1971 Ford Pinto?–only time will tell.

Please join me on my quest in making the world, or at least its occupants, a little merrier.


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